Walkway Lighting


Magnaray’s variety of luminaires use LED or fluorescent sources, and can provide a wide variety of walkway lighting applications for apartment complexes, shopping centers, schools, parking garages, parking lots, churches, businesses, correctional facilities, sally ports, perimeter fence lighting, military entrances, airport entrances, airport ramps and aprons, TSA Security check point areas, industrial plants, sea ports, freight companies, and are available with LED or fluorescent sources. Today LED’s are still highly evolving and will continue to evolve until around 2020 according to D.O.E. sources.


*Depends on Utility Rate

LED vs. Fluorescent Walkway Lighting

Magnaray fluorescent units compare in light output and performance to LEDs of nearly the same wattage, and provide 60,000 hours of useful life while maintaining 90% lumen output, compared to 70% lumen output for LED sources.  Caution should be used when lighting signs to insure that reflected glare does not reduce the sign copy visibility. The more intense the source, the greater chance for reflected glare. The type of sign material is very important and should be of low glossiness.  The placement of the luminaire can be critical. Too close, and hot spots will result. Too far away, and intensity lowers. Depending on the amount of ambient light in the area, it can cause low readability.  Signs with space between the ground and the bottom of sign need to use careful luminaire placement when using LEDs due to direct glare.  This can cause people to look completely away from the sign due to discomfort glare, or disability glare.  Fluorescent linear sources produce less initial glare, and therefore less reflected glare.  The human eye likes uniformity.  The more even the task is illuminated, the better the resultant vision or see-ability. Fluorescent lamps are available from any electrical supply company and some hardware stores. Useful luminaire life is 20-25 years.

Some model numbers include W9PL, W7PL, W6S, W6D, W18PL, W13PL. LED light engines should be purchased from luminaire manufacturer.

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